Check Out These Must-Try Coffee Shops in Dallas

A woman standing on a sidewalk holing a takeout cup of coffee from a must-try coffee shop in Dallas

Nothing beats a fresh cup of coffee to start your morning off right. Whether you prefer Americanos, cappuccinos, cortados, or even a classic latte, these must-try coffee shops offer convenient takeout options near our Dallas apartments. Our favorite local coffee shops include:

Union Coffee House 

Union Coffee House offers more than just your morning cup of joe. This local coffee shop aims to create a community behind a simple cause: to improve the lives of others through generous acts. They started in 2012 and have dedicated at least $25,000 each year to help the homeless of Dallas. Our personal favorites are the Rocky Mountain High and the Snickerdoodle Sleigh Ride. Order online to pick up your drink in no time!

La La Land Kind Coffee 

At La La Land Kind Coffee, the team prioritizes kindness, honesty, and altruism above profits. In 2017 they launched the “We Are One” project. This project aims to help the youth with housing, job placement, mentorship, and therapy.  Some house specialties are La La Latte, The Perfect Matcha Latte, and the Milk and Honey Latte. Enjoy a quick pickup order on your way home.

Brewed + Press

Brewed + Press was founded by Sohail Dar and Mike Heffelfinger on the basis that healthy doesn’t have to be bland and boring. This team of friends not only create amazing coffee, but they offer delicious healthy breakfast. The breakfast menu varies from yogurt to oats and even a chia seed pudding. The coffee offerings are filled with the classics, including Americano, Café Au Lait, Cappuccino, Cortado, and of course, the Latte. Order online for a quick, easy breakfast.

While enjoying a fresh brew from must-try Dallas coffee shops, virtually explore local art exhibits. If you want to become a resident of our Dallas apartments, then contact us. We cannot wait to see you stop by for your tour. 

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