Where You Can Find The Best Margaritas in Dallas


Did you know that the frozen margarita machine was invented here in Dallas? Restaurateur Mariano Martinez was having trouble creating the drink as his bartenders thought they took too long and customers thought they melted too fast. After seeing a Slurpee machine at 7-Eleven, he was struck with inspiration and transformed a soft-serve ice cream machine into […]

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Visit Hillstone, a Top Dallas Restaurant

a steakhouse in Dallas

From mouthwatering appetizers like crab cakes and bruschetta to the decadent meat main course, nothing satisfies the stomach quite like a meal at a good steakhouse. Dallas is the home of some of the best steakhouses in the country, including Hillstone. This top restaurant in Dallas features a menu full of favorites in a welcoming atmosphere. […]

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Grab the Best Brunch in Dallas at Ellen’s Restaurant

eating brunch

Brunch is not only the trendiest meal of the day but often the most delicious. Nothing is better than gathering with friends or family over a meal full of savory entrees and decadent sweet treats. The Uptown Dallas area features a number of great brunch spots, including local favorite, Ellen’s. Discover why this Southern-inspired eatery is […]

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