Enjoy a Classic Mystery E-Book from the Dallas Public Library

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If you’ve read all of today’s bestselling mysteries, then enjoy the best crime classics from yesteryear at the Dallas Public Library. They’re written some of the world’s most famous authors and will leave you guessing until the very last page. Here are three e-books that you can curl up with at our Dallas apartments.

The Mysterious Affair at Styles 

First published in 1920, The Mysterious Affair at Styles resulted after Agatha Christie’s sister dared her to write a story. Detective Hercule Poirot is settling in at the country estate of his wealthy benefactress on the outskirts of Essex. When she’s poisoned, the authorities are left baffled. With suspects ranging from her much younger husband to her longtime hired companion, Poirot puts his sleuthing skills to work. 

The Red House Mystery 

Penned by A.A. Milne, The Red House Mystery transports readers to the English countryside. Amateur detective Anthony Gillingham and his friend Bill are visiting the cozy retreat of Mark Ablett. When Mark suddenly disappears, they try to uncover the truth between games of billiards and bowls. Called a “rare gem,” The Red House Mystery is known for its witty dialogue and intriguing cast of characters.  

The Moonstone 

Dating back to 1868, The Moonstone has entertained readers for generations. Known as a “page-turner,” it’s a thrilling tale of romance, theft, and mystery. Centered on a massive large diamond stolen from an Indian shrine, it features an innovative sergeant, a lovesick housemaid, and a group of Indian jugglers. The Moonstone is recognized as Wilkie Collins’ best work, and it set the standard for detective fiction.

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