Enjoy Movie Night at the Galaxy Drive-In Theater

A drive in theater.

Even with the leaps and bounds that technology has made in the past decade, the basics of entertainment remain the same. Music and theatrical displays are two of the earliest forms of recreation and have continuously progressed and remodeled themselves. Nowadays, access to music and movies is “on-demand,” but it is often nice to take a step backward. Visit the Galaxy Drive-In Theater, just a short drive from your Dallas apartment.

The Galaxy Drive-In Theater

The Galaxy Drive-In Theater opened in 2004 with three screens and has since expanded to seven screens. It has progressed even further this year with converting from film to all-digital movies. It has recently begun opening nightly to accommodate its many newfound customers. While its two concession stands are not currently open, they are allowing patrons to bring in outside food for the first time ever!

One thing that seems nostalgic to most was once the most cutting-edge technology of its time. Drive-in theaters were patented in 1933 and became popular during the 1950s. They offered flexible entertainment and became popular hangout spots. However, in the 1970s, drive-ins began losing their appeal. Today, there are less than 300 of these pop-culture icons left in existence in the United States today.

The Atmosphere

Enjoy an all immersing experience by tuning into the appropriate radio station and create surround sound inside your car! In order to adhere to social distancing rules, the drive-in is directing all movie-goers to stay inside their vehicles while on premises and allowing a space between each vehicle. With seven movies to choose from, everyone is sure to find the perfect movie to experience! Tickets can be purchased at their box office and are $8 per adult and only $4 per child.

This classic entertainment venue is within driving distance of our apartments in Dallas. For more socially distant entertainment, check out the online resources from the Dallas Public Library. For more information on our Dallas apartments, please contact us!

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