Visit The Wild Detectives for a Unique Bookstore Experience in Dallas

People browsing through the selection of books on display in a bookstore.

As its name suggests, The Wild Detectives isn’t your average bookstore. It offers live music, little-known titles, and beverages of every kind. Located a few miles away from our apartments in Dallas, Texas, this bookstore will quickly convert you to a regular visitor.


Although it opened in 2014, The Wild Detectives uses a building from the 1940s. The old-fashioned wooden interior contributes to its warm atmosphere. You can sit inside or use the outdoor picnic table while sipping coffee.

This shop turns off its wireless internet access at 5 PM on Friday night to celebrate two days of “Weekends Without Wi-Fi.” The owners do so because they want customers to meet new people and enjoy friendly conversations.


The cafe serves an assortment of snacks, desserts, breakfast food and drinks. You’ll find menu items ranging from croissants to apple pie. The website supplies a full menu that features a number of amusing cartoons.


The bookstore selects titles carefully, and every book needs to be recommended by a trusted source before hitting the shelves. Between the World and Me and Love Me Back have ranked among its most popular titles, according to D Magazine.

The selection includes poetry, vinyl jazz albums, and numerous foreign books. This shop’s inventory isn’t extensive, but you can order almost any title. Orders come with a complimentary beverage and free shipping to the store.


The Wild Detectives scheduled over 275 events in its first three years. In 2017, the co-owners decided to hold a maximum of one weekly event. These happenings include various readings, writing workshops, and music performances.

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